What is CaHS?

It's all about me.

Well, this blog is, anyway.  And in this context, "me" refers to one Mike Frazer -- resident of Planet Earth, husband, father of one (for now), friend of some, acquaintance of many, stranger to most.

If you are here, there's a good chance you are familiar with my old site, InvertedMind.com.  I ran that site since 2000, creating hundreds of posts and tens of viewers.  InvertedMind became, to some extent, my alter-ego.  It got to the point where I was referring to myself in the third person.  I'm not sure why.  Really, I'm not.

But it became too much to maintain.  Over the course of 10 years I went from running the site on my own server, using my own, custom blogging application (before it was even called a blog) to using a publicly available blog backend, simply because it became too much to maintain a job, a family and a fully custom Web site.  My ability to post eroded slower only than my desire to do so.

So, it was with great sadness I closed the book on 10 years of my life.  But when I closed it, the desire was not to stop blogging, but to start with a clean slate.  I wanted something that reflected who I am today, not who I was when I was still a full-time college student.  I wanted something to go along with my new marriage.  I wanted something where, when the archives are viewed, the readers knows who I am now.

I am a devout Christian.

I am a devoted husband and father.

I am a rabid Steelers fan.

I haven't voluntarily missed a NASCAR [Insert Name Here] Cup Series race in more than 20 years -- and have never failed to root for any Earnhardt in the field.

I am a Senior Software Development Engineer.  That translates to "me makey computer worky."

I am a lot of things, but one item not among them is a quitter.  So...I'm back!